Meet the Hot Pro: Vicky Coren

Vicky Coren
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Vicky Coren is one of the few beautiful women who are actually good at poker (no offense to other poker-playing women). Not only is she an EPT champion, but she's also a member of the PokerStars team pro and an author of For Richer, for Poorer: A Love Affair with Poker, a book in which Coren shares her experience as a poker player. Vicky also writes columns for The Observer and The Guardian newspapers, plus she hosts a quiz show on BBC Four called Only Connect.

The reason we've decided to draw your attention to this cute poker pro is because of her recent interview with Rebekah Mercer on the PokerStars blog. In this short interview she shared some thoughts on her first ladies tournament in 10 years which she played at this year's PCA as well as her fear of approaching the poker table when she first started playing.

As Vicky explains in her book, it was a long way from entering a casino to taking her place at the poker table: “It seemed at the time like walking into a lion's den”. She would go to the casino with every intention of playing poker but each time as she approached the poker room full of men she would turn away at the last minute and wind up at the roulette table instead. “It's hard for some women if they're really shy, but if you have a competitive personality, you can do it,” Vicky says. “Women have to be brave to play poker. It's not for the faint of heart.”

After taking part in the PCA ladies event bank in January, Vicky shared the experience in her column at The Guardian: “. . . I gave it a spin [playing the women's event at the PCA] and made the final, winning $9,000. Almost more importantly, it was an enjoyable and different couple of days. I might play a few more ladies' events this year. Fun and money: what more can you ask form the game?”

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