Meet the Hot Hostess: Lynn Gilmartin

Lynn Gilmartin
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The 2011 World Series of Poker is in full swing and poker fans from all over the world are either occupying Vegas or crashing the internet for WSOP news, results, live streaming, pro tweets, live updates and whatnot to get as much poker action as possible. Yes, internet access is inevitable for a poker lunatic and not just for playing online at PokerStars, but also for getting the latest poker news, gossip, keep up with 2+2 etc.

And, of course, the best way to satisfy one's lust for the latest things in poker is for them to be broadcast straight into their brain by this sexy chick who digs poker as much as you do and is always in the center of the action. And that is just what Lynn Gilmartin is. You have all seen her in PokerNews videos interviewing the pros, giving you the latest news and results from the major poker events as well as virtual tours of the live tournament venues, beautiful cities and resorts hosting the world's biggest poker events.

The 2011 WSOP is no exception – our good friends at, including Lynn herself are working hard every day 'n' nite to bring you the latest from the world's biggest poker tournament. Their live reporting team, which is the official WSOP live reporting provider, is the first to bring you all the action from the tables. Plus, they produce a bunch of videos featuring the sexy hostess Lynn Gilmartin and a few other chicks.

However, Lynn is not just random sexy babe with a mike following poker pros around and reading lines given by the editor, no. Not only is she an editor and a producer at PokerNews herself, but she is also a decent opponent at the tables. She sometimes plays the game and seldom takes part in live tournaments. She recorded her first #1 finish back in 2008 when she scored at the Foxwoods Poker Classic event, she then finished 3rd in APPT – Sydney A$500 No-Limit Hold'em - Ladies Event in 2009 and then again won the Latin American Poker Tour IV – Peru $100 No-Limit Hold'em – Ladies Event in April, 2011.

So the cool thing is that not only is Lynn Gilmartin sexy, good looking, nice talking and funny she also knows poker – is she a woman of your dreams or what?! You can catch her in action by watching the PokerNews videos which are also good for bringing you all the latest poker stuff. Enjoy!

To enjoy Lynn Gilmartin even more, here's a couple of her pics:

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