Fckvwls Sexy Pix Spurs Censorship Argument, Mason "Mouthful" Malmuth Complains to Pokernews

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These days you need to read NWP all day every day. The latest sub-dramabomb to stem from Sklanskygate 2008 involved our own female moderator, FckVwls. After a Photobucket break-in (the culprit has not yet been revealed), some semi-scandalous pictures of her were stolen and posted here on the NWP boards. Druff initially moved the thread so it couldn't be seen in the middle of the night and we could decide what to do. Then Vwls went on tilt and deleted the thread and Jewdonk's entire NWP account. The Lithuanians are working hard on restoring Jewdonk's account and Druff, Neverwin, and myself have made a ruling on the matter. Obv free speech wins again, pix are allowed, and Mason "Mouthful" Malmuth is still being a giant bitch about the entire situation. Obv read The post you've all been waiting for.

I don't think that deleting

I don't think that deleting copyrighted material obtained illegally is censorship. Mason is out of line, but so what else is new.

You don't have a right to publish just any old thing you find on the Internet, even if it's not "stolen". FckVwls (or whoever took the pictures) presumably has a copyright on the photos and has a legal right on that basis to demand that you remove them.