Kim Wooka – Glamorous Japanese Poker Pro

Kim Wooka
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As you may already know – Asian girls are hot! There's no denying that, which means that the Japanese Everest Poker team pro Kim Wooka must be hot as well. And she is! You just check her pictures bellow and see for yourself. The glamorous poker pro, also known by her online nickname “icebeer”, is not the only female on the Everest team, but in our honest opinion she's definitely the hottest (no offense to the other girls on the team).

Kim joined the Everest Poker team after winning the All Japan Poker Championship in 2007. Since then she attended numerous live events wearing Everest Poker gear including the famous ribbons. In 2008 Kim finished in the money in the the biggest live poker tournament of the year – the World Series of Poker Main Event for $25,000. She then went on and played some of the major Asian poker events in which she cashed including APPT event in Seoul, APT Macau and Macau Poker Cup as well as a couple of events in Europe and USA (two WSOP events).

As of today her total lifetime winnings exceed $82,000. Her carrier-best achievements include winning the Women's World Open III in 2009, Heat 4 event in London and finishing second in $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em – Final event and making the final table and finishing in 7th place in $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em event at the 2009 WSOP Circuit in San Diego.

Apart from being a poker player Kim Wooka is a successful businesswoman and owns two restaurants in Japan. To Kim poker is also a business investment which has the same chance of bringing benefit as well as the other kinds of business. “I began studying poker as an investment. Poker itself has so much in common with investments. You have to manage your investments. It’s much like getting A-A at the table. You can still lose. You just have to chase the better odds and the better percentage. And it is true with both investments and poker that you have to build your bankroll gradually ,” says the Everest Poker Team pro. She studied economics in school and knows about making investments.

However, Kim Wooka has yet another poker-related goal – to make the people of Japan change their opinion about the game. “I want to change the image of poker in Japan. No one really knows about poker, but they tend to assume it is not clean. It is most important to me that the Japanese know the people playing poker are highly intelligent. I want people to see poker as an intelligent game played by intelligent people.”

Not only is she smart, well educated and rich, Kim Wooka is definitely one of the sexiest poker players in the world. Neverwin Poker gathered a couple of very nice photos of Kim for you to enjoy.

Kim Wooka plays online at Everest Poker under the screen name –icebeer--. Join Everest Poker now and challenge Kim as well as the rest of the Everest Poker pro team!

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