Jason Davis Slams Justin Smith, Joe Francis

Justin Smith, The Long Road Down
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This weekend I went to Jason Davis' ballerish 23rd birthday party and we along with Bradley Spalter confronted Justin Wade Smith about his scammery. Jason Davis on Video talking shit to Joe Francis, obv. I also got Justin's social security number, given to me by an anonymous source at the party, and yet another anon source gave me his birth certificate. Pwnt so hard pay me back Justin! 24/7 until you pay me motherfucker! obv catch up on pg. 74.

Hey i was looking online for

Hey i was looking online for dirt on justin wade smith and was wondering if you know where he lives I am his son mother and am trying to get child support and any info on his where abouts would be great .hes been hiding from me for 5 years . I can see his still up to his same old bullcrap anyways thank you

Micon how did u piss threw

Micon how did u piss threw 200K in little over a year