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Hand History System (HHS) Beta 2

As a new or fulltime poker player that’s serious about the game, you may have spent countless hours trying to track and study your poker game play. The simple, efficient answer to your quest is NeverwinPoker’s Poker Hand Player. Paste your hand history into the poker hand player and watch the entire play of the hand, including the bet, the pot size, player position, and the outcome, plus the odds of the hand winning/losing appear. The poker hand player is a valuable visual aid in analyzing your poker game and is also a Poker Hand Converter, a Poker Hand Replayer, and a Poker Hand Analyzer.

Once you have pasted your hand history into NeverwinPoker’s Hand History System Beta 2 you will receive a link that allows others to view your hand. You can create your own Poker Game History Player for use as a Poker Hand Analyzer. NeverwinPoker Poker Hand Converter supports three hand history log types and three different poker rooms – PokerStars, Absolute Poker, Full Tilt Poker – all of which allow you to publish your hand history to blogs and poker forums.

The Poker Hand Replayer is a flash based hand history player that allows you to play/pause, go to next/previous, and view batch poker hands playing. In order to have the full value of your poker hand statistics, the more hands you play, the more you are able to evaluate your betting patterns, position, hand selection, and overall game play.

Hand History System (HHS) Beta 2 - FREE Posting and Publishing your Poker Game Logs

Hand History SystemWelcome to NeverwinPoker Hand History System Beta 2 (analyzer, converter, replayer, player). Paste a Poker Hand History in the field below and we will return you a unique link. You can use this link to show your hand to others! Use Neverwin Poker Hand Player to make your Poker Game History Player.

Poker Hand Analyzer – By pasting your hand history log to your converter, you get summarized, sorted and highlighted poker game information for better and faster understand and analyze.

Poker Hand Converter – NeverwinPoker supports 3 different room(s) hand history log type(s), and gives you possibility to publish to other poker forums and blogs.

Poker Hand Replayer – Our Hand History Player is the best visual type to present and analyze your poker game. Flash-based Hand History player has many functions such as: batch poker hands playing, play/pause , next/previous buttons. Including as object into other sites (like Youtube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Blip.tv, Ifilm and Google Video)

Poker Hand Statistics –More you submit your played hands more you can see your lucky cards, winnings and losses.

Supported rooms:

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Hand History System (HHS) Beta 2

NeverwinPoker.com hand replayer is based on FREE myHands.com hand histry system