Full Tilt's Lawyer on 2+2

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Wondering how your money on Full Tilt is doing? Desperate to get it back? Well, at least you're not alone. We can't promise you anything just like Full Tilt's lawyer Jeff Ifrah can't, however he might answer some of your questions regarding the current situation. He was brave enough to sign up on the world's largest poker forum and take part in a discussion answering Full Tilt users' queries about the company and, of course, the money issues.

Although it appears that Mr Ifrah doesn't know all the answers or is not able to disclose all the information due to “confidentiality agreement”, it's still better than the never-ending silence from the Full Tilt officials.

He joined the forum on Saturday and has already answered a bunch of questions. “I have invited folks to write or call me personally for answers but only five of you have done so. So now I have opened an account here and will do my best to “unofficially” answer your questions from here,” he wrote.

Ifrah also replied to most important issue of them all – if and when Full Tilt players will get their money back: “Since FTP started the process of speaking with outside investors that has been their entire focus 24/7. They have made crystal clear to every investor that the US players and European players must be paid.”

Another big question on players' minds was why Full Tilt has been silent for so long and has not made any official statements keeping their users in the dark. To this Ifrah replied: “Now it is ready and willing to make up for that silence. The idea of separately timed statements is to make sure the statement is clear and concise instead of overloaded with information. I hope that once the statements are out this will become more evident. I realize it is somewhat cold comfort right now and apologize for that.”

However, although Full Tilt's official statement was meant to be issued a few days ago, Ifrah announced that it's going to be delayed: “I promised a company response today and instead had to report it has been delayed until early next week. In the interim, I felt you were owed whatever answers I could provide now. I cannot do so officially but hope I can nevertheless be somewhat helpful.” Still, whether the statement will actually contain any useful information and whether it will bring hope and comfort to the players remains unknown.

Important thing to know is that Ifrah's posts do not represent the official position of Full Tilt, but are rather his effort to shed some light on the things happening in the company and around it: “I am answering questions that I do not believe are privileged and passing the others to the company,” he said. “I take responsibility for not having been able to get the company to issue its statement sooner.”

You can find many more answers and comments by Jeff Ifrah and other 2+2 members some of whom also know some interesting stuff. Here's a link to the Full Tilt thread on TwoPlusTwo (Ifrah joined the discussion on page #19), enjoy!