Dutch Boyd on Entire NWP Radio "The Cold Call Show" Tomorrow

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Dutch Boyd will be on NWP Radio tomorrow for the entire show! Dutch is one of the most interesting people in poker. Member of "The Crew," WSOP bracelet winner, online poker pioneer, and domain name tycoon - Dutch Boyd is a complex man with some awesome stories. Check out some of his new ventures: Poker Tips, Poker Tells, Poker Tilt, and of course bilbocentral [which no bullshit BilboCentral.com is for sale via Dutch, holler in the official Dutch Boyd radio thread if you want to buy] And for sure join us tomorrow @ 7pm Vegas time for "The Cold Call Show" only on NWP Radio featuring Dutch Boyd for the whole show! Should be awesome.

"This might be the low-point

"This might be the low-point in my media appearances. "

What a way to show gratitude.