Dude, Where's Greenstein's Car?

Barry Greenstein and Liz Lieu
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Stolen! No, borrowed! Wait, what?? This seems to have been Barry Greenstein's reaction to his car gone missing last Saturday. Barry came to the Marriott in Mission Hills area of San Diego for a game of poker during which his car was "borrowed" by some guy who pretended to be Greenstein and fooled the valet in a snap.

The whole story was broadcast live by Barry himself on twitter with responses and jokes like “So now if they find that dead hooker in your trunk you have the perfect alibi-- the crazy valet guy did it. Nice!” coming from his followers.

However, the whole story was quite confusing, because at first Greenstein actually thought his car was stolen. What's more is that the valet guy who gave away the car without the valet ticket lied about what happened in hopes to keep his job. He got fired.

Here's what actually happened according to Greenstein himself: some guy came up to valet and said his name was Greenstein. As he didn't have a valet ticket he lashed a california ID and the valet gave him the car.

However, this was valet's side of the story. As it turned out, the guy did not flash any ID or claimed he was Greenstein, he just saw the car in the valet parking lot, told the valet guy the plate, asked for the car and got it. The valet guy knew he had screwed up and lied about the ID and Greenstein story. He was terminated.

The guy who took the car then dropped it back at the Mariott. The hotel security called the police when they saw the guy trying to self-park at the hotel. The guy claimed that Greenstein asked him to detail the car. The police had taken him into custody. The guy's mother claimed he had mental issues and somewhat believed it was his car.

And the most bizarre thing was that “the guy detailed the car, inside also.” Greensten said he felt bad for the guy as he believes that a “normal” person would have dropped it off somewhere.

So the whole story turned out quite well for Barry – his car was not stolen and was even returned cleaner than it was before... by the same guy who “borrowed” it! Eric Mizrachi suggested that Greenstein should put it in his new book and be happy that his Aston did not end up in the river.

One guy on Twitter urged Barry to bail the perp out for “having some balls”, whereas Adam from twoplustwo's pokercast decided that the best way to clean his filthy car is to give it to Greenstein who should then leave it with the valet at Marriott.

So yeah, the car was not stolen and Barry Greenstein enjoys driving his Aston Martin as usual. Wait, so why did we even started this?