Cornell Fiji From "the other forum" Scamming?

Cornell Fiji
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Cornell Fiji (Steven Ware), a trusted 2+2 mod, may be involved in a rolling of Admo, another well-respected 2+2er. Admo posted on 2+2 that he and Fiji agreed to a $30K transfer, but instead of transferring the money, Fiji donked it all off at the Bellagio. LOL Bobby's Room. JP OSU (Jason Potter from last night's WPT episode) then posted that Fiji owes him $12K from a WSOP staking arrangement, and others involved in the staking arrangement stated that Fiji has not paid profits to any of his backers. Interestingly, Fiji claimed a couple of weeks ago that he was the victim of hacking by Stevedapimp and even contacted our own Dan Druff for advice. It remains to be seen how this piece fits into the bigger puzzle. Was the hacking story a set up for future rollings? An excuse for previous rollings? In true Nazi fashion, Fiji or other 2+2 mods have been frantically deleting threads on this subject. We invite all parties to explain themselves on NWP. We will not delete or censor your efight of course. Follow it in the NWP forums. update: Looks like Fiji has been demodded at 4, and Admo has posted recent private messages from Fiji where he admits to stealing the money. Degens...hopefully he will make this right