Check Out Sofia Lovgren – 21 Year Old Hot Swedish Pro

Sofia Lovgren
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Sofia Lovgren (Sofia Lövgren) or 'welllbet' as she is known inside the PKR community is this totally hot Swedish (but not blond!) poker player and a member of the team PKR pro. Not only is she hot, she is also one of the youngest female poker pros in the business – Lovgren is only 21 years old and she's already one of the most successful poker women playing online.

Just a year ago Sofia Lovgren was some chick playing online poker at PKR trying to boost her bankroll. A couple of good performances had drawn PKR's attention to the young prodigy and soon welllbet became the 10th member of the team PKR pro. In fact she is not only the newest team member, but the only female player as well. After she joined the team, Lovgren attended a few major live poker events wearing PKR Poker gear and immediately made a number of cashes. She first played the 2010 Irish Open Main Event and finished in 29th place. Then Lovgren scored 4th place in the Spring Poker Week Main Event in Gothenburg and then again finished in 29th place this time in $1,000 NLH event at the 2010 WSOPE.

So although she is still a very young and promising poker pro, Sofia Lovgren has already proved both at the live and online tables that she is not the one to mess with. She now spends most of her time playing poker online on PKR Poker building-up her bankroll and getting ready to storm into the live poker stage.

Off the tables Lovgren enjoys playing golf, sailing, skiing, going to the gym, listening to the music, partying and traveling. Her favorite books are macbook and facebook and her top movie list includes Twilight, The Notebook, Forrest Gump, Rounders, and the TV series Solsidan. She would also like to make enough money to buy a big house someplace like Vegas, where she couls throw big parties. Robert Pattinson would definitely get an invite. Is Prince William into poker players? He'd be invited too!

And here's a couple of very nice Sofia Lovgren pictures, enjoy!

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