British Toby Lewis Wins EPT Vilamoura

Tobias Lewis
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It was only the second stop on Season 7 of the PokerStars-sponsored European Poker Tour, but players were already hot on the tournament trail to grab an EPT title. Vilamoura, Portugal was the place to be for the €5,300 buy-in Main Event, and two starting days kicked off the action.

Day 1A recorded 181 players in the field, and Day 1B added 203 more of them, making for a total field of 384 players and prize pool of €1,862,400, both of which broke the previous year’s record numbers of 322 and €1.5 million respectively. And the 2010 figures were enough to eventually pay the last 56 players standing and give the winner €467,835. When both of those days came to a close, only 221 players remained, and the overall chip leader was Leonid Bilokur with 161,200 chips, and Andre Coimbra fell into second with 157,600.

The official second day of play took that 221 number down to only 70, as players like David Williams, Vicky Coren, Liv Boeree, Fatima Moreira de Melo, Dario Minieri, John Duthie, and 2009 Vilamoura champion Antonio Matias took leave of the tables. Brandon Cantu ended the day as the chip leader with 557,400, followed by Coimbra with 476,400. And Day 3 reduced the field enough to get into the money. With 57 players left, it was Ayaz Sudrudin Manji who pushed with js jd on a th 5d 2h flop, but Martin Jacobson had him covered with ad as. The 5s and 2s finished the board and send Manji out on the bubble. The rest of the day proceeded with players like Luca Pagano, Andrew Coimbra, Brandon Cantu, JP Kelly, and William Thorson cashing out. Only 24 players were left standing when the carnage was over, and Jacobson led the pack with 1,362,000 chips, followed by Marco Leonzio with 778,000.

It was on Day 4 that the field thinned from 24 toward the final table. When only nine players remained, it was Erik van den Berg who made the all-in move with qs 6d against the kc 7s of Toby Lewis. The board of 8c jd 3s 4c 5s allowed the king-high to hold, and van den Berg left in ninth place with €27,936. And that left eight players who made up the official final table as follows:

Seat 1: Teddy Sheringham 1,783,000
Seat 2: Toby Lewis 3,322,000
Seat 3: Martin Jacobson 441,000
Seat 4: Jason Lee 1,167,000
Seat 5: Sergio Coutinho 872,000
Seat 6: Sam Trickett 3,318,000
Seat 7: Rob Hollink 259,000
Seat 8: Frederik Jensen 375,000

The last day of play got underway on September 2 with Jensen moving up by doubling through Trickett twice. But it was Coutinho who was the short stack and ready to make a move for his last 200K with 8h 6s. The timing was off as Trickett was there with ah 8d. The board of 5d 9d qs 5s qd was enough to send Sergio Countinho from the table in eighth place with €37,248.

Rob Hollink was unable to do much with his short stack and gave his last 151K a try with ts 8s. Sheringham called with a dominating ah jh, a hand that only got better on the 3d kh ad 8c 7s board. Hollink exited in seventh place with €55,872.

Frederik Jensen doubled through Trickett to stay alive, but when Lee doubled through Jensen, it was the latter looking to get those chips back. He pushed with ac jd, and Jacobson called with 5s 5d for the race. But the board of qs 3h qc th 6h didn’t help Jensen, who finished the tournament in sixth place with €74,496.

UK football star Teddy Sheringham then lost ground and decided to risk the remainder of his chips against Jacobson after seeing a ks 9d th flop and 9h turn. Sheringham was all-in holding kc qc for two pair, but Jacobson called with qs jc and the straight. The 3s on the river ended the hand and the tournament for Sheringham, who took home €93,120 for the fifth place finish.

Sam Trickett looked strong throughout the tournament, and despite many players doubling through him at the final table, he stayed strong until four-handed play. He finally pushed his stack all-in with 2s 2h, and Jacobson called with qh jh. The board came jd 5h 8h 3c 4s, and the pocket pair couldn’t stand up to the cards on the table. Trickett was forced out in fourth place with €139,680.

Jason Lee made his move fairly quickly thereafter, moving all-in with ah 5h. And it was again Jacobson with the call, this time with ac td. The dealer gave them a board of 3c 4s 9d tc js, and Jacobson scooped another pot. Lee departed in third place with €186,240.

The final two players then began heads-up play with these chip counts:

Martin Jacobson 7,075,000
Toby Lewis 4,405,000

Lewis immediately began to climb into the lead and reversed the starting chip counts over the first few rounds of play. Jacobson did come back to double through and even the stacks, but the two were anxious to get it done, even asking to have the levels shortened to speed things up. And it finally came down to one hand that started with a flop of ac 9h ts. They checked to the 5s on the turn, and a series of reraises found Jacobson moving all-in with 9d 5d, but those two pair couldn’t beat the 5c 5h and set of Lewis. The tc came on the river to end the tournament, and Martin Jacobson took second place and the €297,984 that went with it.

Toby Lewis of the UK won the EPT Vilamoura tournament and took home €467,835 in prize money for the first place finish.