Bodog Poker Signs Tatjana Pasalic

Tatjana Pasalic
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Stunning news! Last week Bodog Poker announced that it had resigned the sexy team Bodog pro member Evelyn Ng which was already good news, but yesterday the site dropped a huge bomb – Bodog Poker welcomed a new team member, a poker pro and hostess, one of the hottest poker players (if not THE hottest) in the world – Tatjana Pasalic!

The poker diva which somehow managed to remain patchless in this online-poker-gear-crazy world of ours has finally inked a deal with one of the leading online poker rooms. The signing comes just two weeks after the Black Friday in US online poker which affected almost all of the rooms accepting US players, Bodog Poker included. So the sexy and extremely popular European poker hostess seems to be Bodog's hope of attract more poker fans from the old continent to start playing online on the site. Tatjana Pasalic who is of Bosnian origin and now lives in London will not only represent the site in live tournaments and play poker online, but will also host Bodog's live events.

Poker became a part of Tatjana's life at the age of 21 when she first visited Vegas to support her friend who played at the WSOP Main Event: “I went to Las Vegas when I was 21 and one of my friends qualified for the Main Event. I walked into the Amazon room and heard the sound of chips and I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of it. I was living in Denmark at the time and online poker had just boomed, so I became a marketing manager for an online website and haven’t looked back.”

Tatjana soon became the first Croatian poker journalist covering live poker events including the Malta Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker. Being a passionate blogger Pasalic continued to follow various live poker tours drawing thousands of new fans and writing columns for Poker Europa and Playboy magazine. However, she only attended her first major tournament as a player in 2009 and finished in 47th place among 440 players at the Unibet Poker Open in Prague.

On May 2, 2011 Tatjana Pasalic signed a year-long sponsorship deal with Bodog Poker. “Bodog's brand is the one that fits me best – from the photo-shoot onwards everybody at Bodog has had a wicked sense of fun which is what I am about too so the synergy is obvious. They've all shown me great support already so it's now just up to me to take down the World Series,” said Pasalich after signing with the site.

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