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Commerce and the LAPC

Commerce has more animals playing than I ever seen any year before. Maybe its because Matt Savage is the new tournament director, maybe its because the economy has no effect on all the sick degenerate rich people in los angeles... all I know is I keep sitting in big limit holdem games in aww of how bad some of these new faces play.

Chantel if your reading this...listen to your heart and feel what I felt as you relive this moment back in time

Chantel: One day I will never forget Close your eyes and reminisce the time when we were walking through Central Park in New York and we were holding hands...we passed by an older couple just like our own grandma and grandpa's age walking together, smiling and holding hands, in exactly the same way as you and me... as we watched you said to me, "Thry are so cute..that is my dream and our destiny, to grow old together like them!" We stopped and watched them pass by, still holding hands and with a smile that pierced my heart you turned to face towards me glowing as we glared into each others eyes. Just thinking about that moment we shared together gives me goose bups and butterflies as we embraced one another just as the sun was about to reach the horizon and you gave me a tender kiss on the lips.

Hu Match vs Vanessa "suckoutquenn" Selbst

She just jumped into my 25-50 plo game and I asked her when we are going to play that hu match. She replied, "I was just about to ask you the same thing." I told her I am ready to play whenever she wants. She then began insulting me saying she would have to see the money first. Then proceeded to say that I am over 500k in debt. LOL. Get your facts right before you come in talking smack to me. Before she abruptly left we semi agreed to a 20k freezout, and she said she preferred online. No other details were mentioned, so I will clarify here. First since you have to see the money, I will now only play you live, so that you can see all the money I have in front of me with your own eye. Yes, Vanessa you will be able to see all the money you can potential win right in front me, and you may salivate over it like you do with your girlfriend's pussy. Only difference is it will be much tougher for your tongue to get a hold of, but I promise you it will taste just as sweet.

Playing devils advocate in response to the discussion of the TLK blog

First of all after my blog about the Jennicide Prophecy I asked what people were interested in hearing about most. Sick degenerate gambling with sick losing or winning streaks was one thing mentioned the most. Obviously I have a lot of stories about big wins and loses. The next one I will probably tell will be a sick session where I found 189 bucks in my ub account and 12 hours later I had 240k.

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