DEFINING “BAD BEATS” bad beatsA bad beat occurs when a poker hand that is statistically likely to lose becomes a winning hand after more cards are dealt. To take a bad beat means to be on the losing end; to lay a bad beat means you were the donk that got your money in when you should have folded, and then pulled a miracle out of your ass. The term bad beat is often used when all the chips have gone into the pot because the losing player had odds. Most of the time it refers to a hand that should not have been played to begin with, that caught a phenomenally unlikely draw on the river.

This is more common in low limit games because, since it doesn’t cost them much to see the river, many players have that ever-annoying any two cards can win mindset. A lot of low-limit players will play aces and rags (“any ace!"), and some will play any two suited cards, regardless of rank. Players referred to as calling stations will get in the pot with marginal or beyond-weak hands, and then call all the way to the river in hopes of making their ridiculous draw. It’s worth noting that the term “bad beat” tends to be overused. A lot of times we hear people bitching and moaning about one, when in fact the hand in question was not a bad beat at all. The reason for this is that novices often confuse a bad call with a call that will probably lose, but still has the pot odds on its side. They will then make a big scene and cry, when in fact they were only slightly unlucky. A bad beat is in fact, when someone makes an incorrect move against you, and then gets exceptionally lucky.

Many casinos and card rooms offer extra incentives and jackpots for very bad beats (such as losing with four of a kind). The thing is, bad beats are a standard part of poker and a good player learns to accept this. It’s just a part of the game that you are going to occasionally get drawn out on the river. You will lose a pot now and again to a bad beat, but over time, the bad play of others will lose to your solid play. Poker is one long game; it is how you do overall that matters. In the long run, “chasers,” or players who constantly contribute their chips to run after inside straights or baby flushes, will be your bread and butter. Online, this is even more significant. Because online you play more hands per hour, and because there are so many new players (the type who will play any two suited, any ace, or even any two cards), you may find your short term bankroll fluctuates with greater frequency. But again, over time, your wins will be bigger. Some people go on tilt when they suffer a bad beat. You can't let those hands affect your play. If you get upset after suffering a bad beat, get up and walk away from the table or computer for a hand or two – take some deep breaths, kick the cat. It’s more important to cool down before you come back to your game than it is to avoid missing a few hands. Poker, as always, provides many accurate analogies for life. You can also suffer bad beats in life. A wise, carefully considered investment goes wrong. The perfect, hot girl you married turns out to be a whore. You trust Heeb to distribute your fliers. But remember, you don’t have to tilt. You can come to NWP and post about all your beats in our latest forum BAD BEATS & OTHER THINGS I NEED TO CRY ABOUT. Enjoy. - - - Find your favorite Bad Beat on NeverwinPoker Hand History System. More information about Bad Beats WIKIPEDIA @ Bad Beats
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