A. Samuels is Livin De Life

A. Samuels
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The online poker community is buzzing with this new “rap” video from A. Samuels called “Livin De Life”. Some love it, some hate it, but one thing's for sure – nobody remains indifferent once they see it. The video's been launched just 10 days ago and already has half a million views on YouTube.

Who's A. Samuels you may wonder. Yeah, we've wondered too and found out that he's a 55-year-old Atlantic City casino executive who's been in the casino business for 30 years and he likes hip-hop music.

Just 3 days after it's appearance on the internet “Livin De Life” got it's own thread on twoplustwo and it seems that the online poker community does not have a unanimous opinion on this. However, the main question remains – is it a joke (like The Lonely Island), or did this middle-aged guy actually went crazy and decided to Live De Life to the fullest in a rather strange way.

The video also features (a photo of) the poker pro Phil Ivey who is also mentioned in the song lyrics: “MJ, Ivey, Shaq, and AI, the bosses looked at me and said damn you fly.” So yeah, it kinda has something to do with poker and therefore we're sharing it with you.

Neverwin's advice would be not to take the whole thing very seriously and to have a good laugh if you find it amusing (which we did). Don't get upset, don't get angry – if you don't like it just stop watching (which is sometimes hard and you find yourself still watching the video although you don't like it and you don't know why you're still watching it, you just do).

So ladies and gents here's the latest gambling community's hit song “Livin De Life” performed by the very promising young (NOT) rapper A. Samuels, enjoy!